Don’t step back

Our tendency to step back and get analytical in theology is usually driven more by a desire to step back than it is by a desire to understand. What I mean is that our detached analysis of philosophical ideas about God can be away of talking around the fact of His presence in the room. We can understand God and know the truth from the lies, but we can never have command of Him. Real theology is about vulnerable worship. He is not a tame lion.

If I am going to talk about theology I want to talk in the context of experience. I have come to understand God through these events, I know that I am forgiven of these sins, God has impressed these truths about Him upon me in this way. It feels dangerous but it is actually far safer. 

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  1. Of course God reveals Himself through His word. I’m not arguing that His word isn’t the source and standard of revelation, just that our inclination towards speaking in abstract or hypothetical terms is not alwaws spiritually healthy.


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