Posting about music.

Pretty much every music artist who works with a label schedules the release of new albums and singles at 12:00 AM EST on the Friday of the week of release. I listen to a lot more mainstream music than I used to, and my hyperactive mind is always asking for new and interesting tunes. So I’m in the habit of staying up til about midnight every Thursday night to sample the new music that is released to the world every Friday. I’m excited for the release of new music by Lady Antebellum, Glen Campbell, Bruce Springsteen and Hillsong United this week, and I’m sure I will find some tunes of interest among all of the other singles and albums that will be released.

So maybe I will start posting about this. In accordance with the rules I’ve set for myself, I will not make a rule about it. If I miss a week, or three in a row, I will not apologize or feel guilty. But I think this will be fun. I think I am also gonna start posting on Thursdays about what I’ve been listening to most in the past week. 

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