New Music Friday–June 9, 2017

Last night a lot of new music was released to the world, and I had the chance to sample it last night and this morning. Some of the new album releases I was looking forward to this week didn’t really deliver; the deep cuts from Lady Antebellum’s new album “Heart Break” lack the flavor of pre-release songs like “You Look Good,” “This City,” and “Hurt,” although “Famous” is one that might grow on me. Additionally, Hillsong United’s new album Wonder didn’t provide much in the way of great new listening, aside from the closer “Water to Wine” which gave me some nice chills. Glen Campbell’s farewell album was released last night also, but aside from the title track “Adios” (which was the lead single) nothing really captured my attention.

London Grammar released a new album last night, and while I haven’t really bought into them as a group yet, I did find one song on the record that I liked: “Non Believer.” It’s got this icy atmosphere and a nice beat and a solid, repetitive minor melody that, all put together, makes for a hypnotic slow jam.

The new Wonder Woman soundtrack has some nice passages, and it closes with a song by Sia and Labrinth which is really fine, combining standard fare Sia inspirational lyrics with a melody that’s grown on me each time I’ve listened to it. The song is called “To Be Human.”

Matt Maher released a new single called “Your Love Defends Me”. It’s got that slow Gospel feel of recent big hits like Ryan Stevenson’s “Eye of the Storm” and Zach Williams’ “Chain Breaker”. Hannah Kerr has also recorded the song. I expect Maher’s version will go to the top of the charts. It’s also a good song, and his voice carries it pretty perfectly.

With a little help from my friends, I’ve recently become a fan of Tori Kelly, so it was exciting to see that she released a new song with rapper Lecrae. My first thought in hearing it was “Without You” by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa. If you liked that song (and I did), you will like “I’ll Find You.” Tori has such a beautiful voice, and the simplicity of this track really brings that out in a way that you might not notice if you’re not drawn to the more melismatic style of singing that is typical of her solo work. This is one of the better pop songs of the year so far.

I’ve been curiously keeping tabs on blues-folk-pop-rocker Barns Courtney ever since I heard “Fire” while riding in the car with some friends (which is fire, okay?). He’s got a new uptempo single called “Golden Dandelions” which is pretty nice. That voice, man. Please do some good things with that voice while you’re livin’.

Lastly, Grizfolk (who I know because of a great song called “Waiting for You”) released a new song feat. Jamie N Commons which is just great. It’s a soaring tune with a slow beat and a nice synthy bass line called “In My Arms.” Could be my favorite new song of the week.

Next week we should be looking at new albums from Jason Isbell, Oh Wonder, Fleet Foxes, and Nickelback, and I’m sure there will be some interesting singles to look at as well. Until then!

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