Why Adam took the fruit

Christian theologians have talked a lot about what might have motivated Adam to eat the fruit that he was offered by Eve in the garden of Eden (assuming that Adam and Eve were real people who really did parent the human race, which is something that I believe).

Personally, I think Adam’s motivation was that he prioritized his relationship with Eve over his relationship with God. i.e. Adam took the fruit because he wanted to spare HIMSELF the pain of a broken relationship with his wife. We have to remember that up until this point Adam’s relationship with his wife had been absolutely perfect in every dimension. Perfect companionship, perfect intimacy, perfect kindness, perfect satisfaction. What Adam decided was that fellowship with his wife was more important than fellowship with God. He was being asked to choose God with brokenness in his world over alienation from God, and he chose the latter.

Also, N.D. Wilson makes the point that the right response for Adam would have been to NOT take the fruit, and when God came to deal with Eve over her sin, step in and say, “God, take me instead.” That is what the second Adam (Jesus) did for His bride.

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