Six for Saturday: Oct 28, 2017

It’s time again for Six for Saturday! Here’s six things I enjoyed reading/watching/listening to this week. There is some great stuff here, which will likely spawn quite a lot of further writing on this blog today and tomorrow.

First off, I just listened to John Piper give a simple, succinct, biblical six-minute deconstruction of the prosperity gospel. Check it out, fam.

Relevant magazine has been publishing some really wise and scripturally grounded articles of late on a variety of topics. There’s a new article on the home page about how we make way for the coming of God’s hope when we allow ourselves to grieve all that is broken in this world. “When we’re unwilling to hold space for sadness, when we can’t handle the unwieldy truths of mystery and paradox, we block the very pathway that leads to hope. And hopeless people are dangerous people, willing to hurt themselves and others without measure or limit.

In today’s A La Carte, Tim Challies (one of my favorite bloggers) linked to a post from last year which is one of the best things I’ve ever read about the subject of sexual intimacy in marriage. As a single young man who takes Biblical teachings on chastity seriously, I do my best to not spend my single years obsessed with sex and looking forward to it because that kind of attitude, as I’ve discovered, is not good for contentment at all. That said, I do believe that it’s important in whatever stage of life you’re in to have a healthy, biblically-informed, relationship-centered view of sex, especially if you (like me) expect marriage to be a part of your future. This article by Challies is really good to that end.

Yesterday I found a Variety interview with Bruce Springsteen from earlier this month wherein he lists some of his current favorite music artists. I am already familiar with some of these to various degrees (yay for Hamilton and Lana Del Rey!), but some of them were brand new to me. I’ve been enjoying British folk rock singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore all morning on the Boss’s recommendation. I’ll no doubt be spending a fair bit of time in the near future exploring these picks.

Switchfoot is currently offering a free download of a new recording of their song “I Won’t Let You Go” featuring Lauren Daigle! Hear the original here, and get your free download of the new version here. This is one of the best songs from their most recent record, last year’s Where The Light Shines Through (which is, by the way, a very good record from start to finish; I own the 15-track deluxe version on iTunes).

Last item for today’s lineup: an old Obama-era Scott Sauls article on honoring political authorities even when we disagree with them was re-published on the Relevant website. “As long we aren’t being coerced to sin against God, following Jesus includes submitting to and praying for all of our public authorities. When this happens, the citizens of God’s kingdom will be known as the most refreshing citizens of earthly kingdoms, no matter who is in charge. This was true in biblical times, and it can be true now.” There are some great comments under the fourth point about what it really means that Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world.

Here’s a fun bonus item: Sesame Street’s parody of the Walking Dead had me in stitches.

Have a great Saturday!


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