Speaking of Bono, here’s a couple of quotes I’ve enjoyed so far:

“the world demands to be described, and so, painters, poets, journalists, pornographers, and sitcom writers, by accident or by design, are just following orders, whether from high or low [i.e. angelic or demonic], to describe the world they’re in.” p. 32

“the other thing I don’t trust is a performer who’s content on the stage, content with the distance between him or her and the audience. Whether it’s an actor or whether it’s a singer, I want to feel like the person in stage can stop playing a role, jump down, sit on my knee, follow me home, hug me, mug me, borrow money from me, make me breakfast in the morning. I’ve always had that as a performer. I don’t want people to feel comfortable in the relationship. I want to feel like it could snap.” p. 234

“I’m never nervous when I go to meet heads of state. I feel they should be mervous, because they are the ones who’ll be held accountable for the lives that their decisions will impact the most.” p. 257

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